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Skulls and Skirts

Kulturscenen Vårt Hjem, Steinkjer

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Vårt Hjem Steinkjer, Kongens Gate, Steinkjer, Norge

Fredag 17.mars kommer Paola Balbi fra Italia og holder forestilling om kvinnelige pirater Skulls and Skirts: stories of pirate women and seafarer ladies! Forestillingen fremføres på engelsk.

Stories of pirate women and seafarer ladies:

Since very old times many brave women have been onboard sailing vessels alongside men across the ocean for trade, battles, adventures and even piracy. They fought like men, they were dressed like men, they were as good sailors…but often they were also smarter, more cunning and sometimes crueller than men.

Square riggers and jolly rogers, pirate women and cross dressing, pathos and passion, tears ad laughter!
Paola – an experienced sailor herself and descendant from a sound stock of sea captains- will lead her audience through an unforgettable emotional journey through stories and songs featuring women at sea- both historical and fictional- with her unique storytelling style rich of mediterranean humor, elegance and warmth.

For adult audience
Performance in English

Paola Balbi Graduated Actress (BA in Performing ARTS-Acting) at National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D’Amico in Roma and Professional Performing Storyteller Paola is the founder and co-artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company as well as of Festival Internazionale di Storytelling Raccontamiunastoria in Rome since 2009, Storytelling Time International Storytelling Festival in Bolzano since 2012, “Tales on the Island- International Storytelling Festival in Sharjah” and “After Iftar Tales Ramadan Storytelling Festival” in the United Arab Emirates since 2016.

A multi tasking artist- beside being an acclaimed international Performing Storyteller, regularly featuring in the line up of the most prestigious Storytelling Festivals around Europe and globally, as well as a skillful event organizer and Artistic Director- Paola is also very involved with the training of emerging talents in the field of Storytelling, both Performing and Applied and has raised a whole new generation of Professional Storytellers in Italy as well as widely contributing to the training of young/emerging storytellers in several other countries and consistently all over Europe, Canada, US, UAE.

Paola is a passionate sailor since her childhood, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice and love to tell stories about the sea, sea goddesses and sea fearing women.

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